Saturday, January 7, 2012

Picky, Picky

Dear Olive,

You've become quite the picky eater. How did this happen? When you were first starting out you seemed to gobble down everything so happily. You just want to nibble all day long and it's driving me crazy! I think the worst thing I did was teach you the "more" sign.

Yesterday we went to the beach and for the first time you bolted down to the water. You absolutely loved it! You got all muddy and ridiculously wet, next time I'm going to need to bring better clothes for you. Now I get it when you see naked babies running around the beach.

I've been trying to train you to go to bed later so that you will sleep later. So far it has not been the outcome I've hoped for. Up until now, you've slept at 6:30 or 7pm until about 6:45am. Great twelve hour sleeper! But I work at night and I'm so exhausted by then, it's hard to think straight. I was hoping that by slowly getting you to bed later you'd sleep in a little more and I could wake up early and focus before the day starts.

So for the past couple weeks you've been going to bed closer to 8:30 but you're still waking up in the early seven oclock hour. I'm not giving up yet, but if it doesn't start getting later, I'm hoping I can still get you back to bed early again.

Ugh I'm bored just writing about this sleep stuff. Moving on. More to write soon my dear!