Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lucky in Life

Dear Olive,

Today we rode our bike to the beach. I wanted to let you run around and see the dogs and get some fresh air. I felt so good when we were there. It was so beautiful, the sand was warm, and everyone was happy.

I was just watching you stand in the water thinking about how it doesn't scare you when the waves come up across your feet. The seaweed was moving around your legs and you were playing and laughing and it hit me just how lucky we are to live here. I hope you realize it one day too.

Sometimes we talk about the idea of moving. The idea of living somewhere that isn't so hard to keep up with and get by in. I don't know if you'll ever remember the things we do while you're young, especially if we do move. And I don't know if you'll ever be able to appreciate where we live if we don't.

But in the mean time, even though life can be kind of fast paced and sometimes a little hard to keep up with, we have to take a moment and just sit on the beach and breathe. Just try to remember that Olive.