Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear Olive,

You're sleeping right now, totally unswaddled! You fell asleep that way tonight so I just left you. I was curious to see if you would wake up or not, but so far so good.  Although I am sort of afraid it will get too cold tonight to not swaddle you.

I have a lot to say, but I'm just too tired to say it. I've been working around the clock and you've been right there with me! We are always going going going, this whole family actually.

We took you to Vegas last week. Yup, LAS VEGAS baby! I played black jack and roulette for the first time in my life, and overall we came out 5 bucks ahead. But listen up girly, I don't really condone gambling. We had 20 dollars to try it out, and once it was gone, it was gone. Don't go sneaking off to any casinos or anything!

We also went to Red Rock Canyon, it's pretty...

Your dad's not home from work yet, and I'm so tired I am going to go to bed. You're laying in there and I want to let you sleep there with me and cuddle... but I know neither you nor I will sleep as good if I don't put you in your crib. 

Goodnight sweet babe.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep Monster

Dear Olive,

I haven't figured you out yet, but I'm on my way. You still are not a fan of napping, but at least you're making up for it at night.

The other night you were SO tired you took what I thought was a nap at 5:45 pm. A couple hours later I thought to myself, "I'd better wake up Olive so she can play and eat a bit more."  Well I tried to wake you and you WERE NOT HAPPY. So I went with my instinct on this one and just put you back to sleep, even though I was afraid you'd wake up at like 2 am and be ready to start the day.

I couldn't believe it, but you slept all the way until dad went to work at 5:45 the next morning and after I fed you in your sleep (you were just restless) you slept again until 8:30.

That's kind of... a LOT of sleep! Is that even good? Anyway you don't do that all the time, but it was pretty nice for me. Even though you hate naps, I'm glad you understand bed time.

You and I are going to need to start getting out of the house more for walks though, because I think dad is sick of seeing me in my baggy clothes. Plus even though you are sleeping like a log all night, I'm just laying awake thinking, sometimes for hours.

Today we went for a walk around the bay and once again, Ben Gibbard put you to sleep in the stroller while I tried to get my sweat on.

Oh yeah and I almost forgot, last weekend we went to the Indie fest and I let you try some hummus. Sshh don't tell anyone because you are not supposed to try real food for a while longer still. It was roasted red bell pepper too, but hey, you actually liked it. Your dad tried to get you to taste some frosting last week and you didn't like it, so at least you take after me and like your veggies!

Here are some pics... the farmer's market, the indie fest (check out all the pink thanks to the groove kitties) and some cozy time with dad.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Out n About

Dear Olive,

We went to the beach on Saturday, it was such beautiful weather and I thought I might surf. It was fun to get your feet in the sand and see what you thought. You didn't seem to care either way however.

But we made you a little seat out of the sand and eventually got you to take a nap. Elizabeth and I decided we were too cozy in the warm sun to surf, so we all just laid around.

Last night we went to an open mic at a cafe. We wanted to get out of the house and enjoy some entertainment. When we walked in to the back and sat down, the people running the open mic gave us quite a dirty look. They were probably thinking, "What are they doing bringing a baby to a small live music venue?"

The guy finally said, "I hope the music doesn't scare the baby, it's going to get loud in here." I think it was his way of saying, "I hope the baby doesn't become intrusive and cry during our performances."

I told him you would be fine and added that you were a pretty good baby, so if you cried we'd leave.

You just sat there the whole night watching, and at one point you fell asleep. It wasn't that loud, and you never fussed. The guy finally came over and said, yeah your baby is pretty good... I was like, uhhh YAH duh that's what I said. No need to get all uptight. (I mean, that's what I was thinking)

Ps this guy and this whole open mic WAS HILARIOUS. Quite a joke. But that is for a different blog. Pps, we all wore stripes on accident, all three of us.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Sleeper

Dear Olive,

I had not planned on writing tonight, but this is not a night I want to forget. It was the first time I saw you fall asleep peacefully on your own.

I know you've done it before, but I've never seen it. Well, not like this. I've seen you get close, make a few squawks, and then close your eyes. Otherwise it was always in the car, or after you were fussing, or if you were being rocked.

We had a long day and just got home from Gramakins around 9 at night. You seemed happy and awake so I decided we should take a bath.

The tub was filled with warm water and I put you on my lap as usual, but you seemed more relaxed, and so was I. It's just so nice and calm this late at night.

I got you in your pj's and gave you a little snack, swaddled you, and laid you on the bed. You looked so content so I just went about doing my own thing for a few minutes, and then decided it was time to turn out the light. I turned it off, and you just flickered your little eyelids a few times and finally let them close. No soothie, no fuss, no big deal.

It was so sweet and I wanted to remember it <3

The funny thing was, we were just talking about how we couldn't wait for the day when we could just lay our babies down while they were awake and just leave them there to fall asleep, happily on their own. I recall saying, "Oh that will happen SOME day far away." But you surprised me tonight :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy Bodies

Dear Olive,

I realized that this is supposed to be a virtual baby book for you, about you, and just like a real baby book, I should write to you!

Today you came with me to work on our way to Gramakin's house. You just chilled in your moby wrap while I took photos and did some work.

Gramakin and I decided to have a bi-monthly cooking day where we make new recipes for the week and share it all, since cooking is so much easier in bigger amounts. But among all that commotion, there was an exciting moment tonight when I realized you had rolled over onto your side while you were playing on the mat!

Then you were on a roll (no pun intended) just rolling around and I realized I will need to keep an even closer eye on you.

We had another exciting moment when I wanted to see if you could hold your breath under water. I've been too scared to try it for reals, so tonight we took a shower and I blew in your face and put you under the streaming water, and wow, it really does work! We did it a few times and you looked so excited... I'm hoping you're a water lover like your mama.

<3 tee