Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sweet Little Things

Dear Olive,

I don't write as much anymore because everything I want to write seems like it will be so cheesy. But then I remember why I am doing this, for you to read someday, and for my horrible memory, and I don't care.

Honestly you are so, so sweet and I love you much. Sometimes you are absolutely crazy and you throw some intense tantrums too. But those aren't anything compared to your cuteness.

I remember a blog I wrote last year, about how at night when I put you to bed, you put your head on my shoulder the second the lights go out and we stand by the crib. I remember I said that even though I'm exhausted and looking forward to the down time, I still try to stand there in the moment and remember how it feels to have you as a baby and allowing me to hold you like that. I said it won't always be that way, but you know what? You still do that, and I still pause and enjoy it for a brief second before I lay you down.

Lately you've been whispering right before bed. I'll be holding you by the bed and say, "Ok Olive, ready for night night?" And you whisper back, "Yes."  I will ask you a few a questions and you always whisper back.  I think it's the sweetest thing, especially because nobody has taught you that move.

I put you in bed and I put a blankey over you and I like to give you a little animal to hug. You don't seem to care if I put a blankey on you, and you don't ask for any animals, but I do it anyway and your little arm wraps around it. You aren't particular as to what stuffed animal you have, you just love them all equally.

Tonight the funniest thing happened. We went to chucky cheese for Kai's birthday, just Nicole and me and you two kids. We were early and just waited around, and you stuck by me pretty close asking for Kai. When they finally arrived you were so thrilled, I've never seen it before. When I set you down on the ground and you literally took of RUNNING all around Chucky Cheese, not even noticing if Kai was following you. You were just sooooo ecstatic at life when he showed up. I know that's a pretty boring story, but the way it went down was hilarious, and I Just wanted to make sure I never forget that mental image.

You kiss your dollies gently on the forehead, you rub my back when I'm laying down, and you whisper when I put you to bed. Can you stay this sweet forever?