Friday, February 25, 2011

Time Just Keeps on Tickin...

So my idea of blogging to remember things is more difficult to keep up on, as I'd have thought. But who am I kidding, I tell people that for a living (keeping up a blog is harder than you think).

Today Olive's 3 months old and I busted out the floor mat thing with the dangly stuff hanging. Happy graduation OG!

SHE LOVES IT!  She absolutely loves it.  It's so cute.  Yeah so she can just bat at it right now, but hey, she is a good batter!

It's funny how things that are new are SO exciting and then they just become the norm.  She laughed for the first time a couple weeks ago, like a real laugh. Ha ha's in a row, you know?  And I tried so hard to get her to do it again for a week, but nothing.  Then on Tuesday she laughed again.  Then today in the morning AND at night.  Pretty soon it will be so standard, but I try to get her to do it as if she will never laugh again!

I don't have too much to say right now, but I was laughing at myself tonight when I was so amazed by her giggles.

My nana was saying how people grow up and change and she misses the people they were. I might not be saying it as eloquently as she did, but I think about it all the time now.  I see little Olive looking around so cute and curious and I think to myself, "wow she will never be this little person again."

She will be cute and wonderful later too, but she just won't be that person anymore.  I'm not making much sense, but it makes me be so in the moment.  Having a baby has made me so much more aware of small moments in life and the understanding that this time is passing so quick and can never be recaptured.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The 2nd Best Time Of Day

My favorite time of day is the morning, when Olive wakes up and is SUPER happy.

But the second best time of day is bath time! She loves it, I love it, it's a win win.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty in Bonding

I think I fall more and more in love with my baby each day that passes. Being a mom gets a lot more rewarding as your baby starts to develop a personality, and best of all, lights up and smiles every time she sees you.

I have this problem where I am constantly trying to record Olive when she's doing something new or extra cute. Of course, it never works, it never happens. And tonight I realized that there's something special about that.

It's like all this time that she and I get to spend together is a secret just for us. It really hit me. Who cares if I can capture it for everyone else? It's so special that I'm the only one who gets to witness those private and amazing little breakthrough moments. It's an award.

This doesn't meant I wont still share her growth with my friends and family from afar, but I definitely won't be so quick to think I need to find my camera and snap a shot.

Everything's changing so fast, and I try to be in the moment every minute I can. It's so intense. I think about how I must be like every other mother thinking, "I have the CUTEST baby in the world!" She is so cute I just can't even stand it.

It's a scary kind of love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Olive had her first real laugh tonight.  It wasn't like the smiley one breathed ha that she's been doing, it was a  real hearty ha ha ha ha ha ha kind of laugh.

I was shaking a little round fabric rattle in front of her face and she somehow found it amusing enough to laugh at! I was SOOOOO happy, what an absolutely adorable sound!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Magic Pooing Chair

I have now discovered TWO things that make Olive poo.  One was the puj (if you remember pooing in a puj) but the other is the magic poo chair.

Someone I know calls it a buzzy chair, so that is generally what I call it too now.  Except for in the mornings.  In the mornings it is called the magic poo chair because NO MATTER what, when she sits in there, she poos.

I got it for 5 bucks at a garage sale, and it's not as cute and fancy as some of the newfangled ones I see, but it does the trick.

Maybe it's those calming vibrations or the splashy water sounds it makes, but it's really getting funny how magical it is. I know you wouldn't normally use the words magic and poo together in the same sentence, but I do it with no shame.

Magic poo chair, I love you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Innocence of Child

It's trippy sitting here watching my tiny baby girl sit so happily in her buzzy chair, looking around, tasting her hand, making little noises... just so content.   But behind her in the background there's a commercial of a woman who has no voice from smoking. She's bagging on the tobacco industry, and I wonder, "Will Olive ever try smoking? Will she be a smoker?" She doesn't even have any idea what a cigarette is yet.

Then comes the news of Egypt and I see all the horrible things happening around the world as she just sits here so innocently and unaware.  It makes me sad to think about the things she is going to go through in life and the things she might experience, the things we always see and think, "glad that was not me"...

I know she will laugh and have good times, but she's also going to cry and go through hard times. And it's a new feeling I don't like, to sit here and see her little innocent eyes look up at me. I think about how she just has no idea.

You just want to hold and protect them forever.