Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Big-ish Girl

Dear Olive,

You're 9 months old already. I know everyone says time flies and "they grow up so fast," so I don't know why I'm so surprised at just how fast. You're starting to stand up all over the place, as long as there is something for you to hold on to. Sometimes you try to let go and balance but it doesn't last very long.

You're teething like crazy, but nothing is coming out yet. Let's see, I wanted to do these posts for you so you could check in on your milestones one day.

You've been saying ba ba for a couple months already, but now you're saying da da, la la, and wa wa. BUT you really don't know what you're saying so it still doesnt count as a word I guess. You are a crazy adventure seeker, trying to climb up and over anything you can. You're a danger to yourself and I have to watch you every second or, BAM you smack your head! You also are so funny when you are trying to stand and reach something. . . you will stand up on your very tipy toes! I wonder if you're going to be a ballerina?!?!

Your food repertoire is getting more advanced too, however I noticed you're taking a disinterest in vegetables. Uh oh. I have all this frozen baby food I made for you and you are so NOT into it. You want finger foods you can feed yourself! So tonight I gave you spaghetti with ground turkey and I liked it because it made you really full I think. You actually left some on the tray which is unusual. You love cheese toast in the morning too. Yum.

We've been doing lots of stuff out of the house and I think we are both happier for it. Today we did baby signing story time and it was great! And you love traipsing through the sand at the beach.


  1. Already on the computer practicing her social networking skills. I will be able to Skype with Olive without her mama's help soon!