Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nameless Post

Dear Olive,

I am so backlogged with blog posts about you! Here is a quick one just so I don't forget a few things! I've broke you of the swaddle and maybe even the pacifier! Last night you slept all night with out the swaddle. Then tonight you were laying on the bed just unwinding and playing with a little blanket and you just drifted off on your own with no swaddle and no paci.  I was absolutely amazed!

Normally you don't really know it's bed time until I wrap you up and stick a pacifier in your mouth. That calms you instantly and you fall asleep, but this is way better! I hope you keep it up.

You are doing really well with all the solid foods. You've had banana, apple, sweet potato, avocado, and tomorrow I'm going to give you some watermelon.

We went to Disneyland on Sunday, I have lots of pics to post later...

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