Monday, December 12, 2011

From Baby to Toddler

Dear Olive,

You are now a toddler. I know this because you just had your one year birthday and check up. The paper I took home says, "Your toddler" this, and "Your toddler now" that. What? Toddler? Does that mean I can't call you baby Olive anymore?

You STILL weigh 17 lbs, I feel like you'll be in that baby car seat forever! You love berries- especially raspberries and blackberries. You walk now. Your favorite toy in the whole world is a ball, and you get super excited whenever you see one. I guess technically that was your first real word too. You love to put things in your mouth and toddle around with them hanging out. Think big things, like tupper ware lids. . . You just bite on and go about your business playing or moving around the room while it hangs. You actually stack your stacker now, as well as stacking up toys to climb up onto more dangerous territory. You still love swinging. I can't walk you past a park without you getting all worked up if we don't stop on the swings.

You're really difficult to feed as well. But I do have to say how proud I am of your self weaning abilities. You weaned off the breast when you were done with that, then you weaned yourself off the pacifier, now you're weaning off the bottle. . . all on your own!

I think it's harder for me to stop giving you the bottle than for you. I rely on the routine of it. The other morning I didn't give you one and you didn't even notice, but I love getting you from your crib and laying with you in the morning while you drink it.

I guess this is why people end up having more babies. Everything changes so quickly.

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