Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Real Santa

Dear Olive,

I'm pretty sure you are going to be reading this much older than the age in which you sit on Santa's lap. Lets just hope so.

Today I made a blooper. We were trying to scope out the Santa for Luthien's first Santa Pic and he was all closed up in his own little house. I asked a family in line if Santa was in there. She said, "Yes he is" and I said, "Is he a good looking Santa?"

She gave me the EVIL eye and very slowly and pointedly said, "YES" and all of the sudden I was like Oh crap. I saw the little girls looking up at me and I replied, "Cause Santa is such a good looking guy!" and ran away.

What was I thinking? This is going to be tricky. But it gets better. Grandmakins was making a joke from our youth about Santa and practically SHOUTED, "Well the REAL Santa is at South Coast Plaza" while like 15 kids stood by, luckily not paying attention.

We're just not there yet. . .

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