Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad Mom Bad Friend

(written yesterday)

Dear Olive,

I am not perfect. So someday when I tell you I am, you can refer back to this post and remind me of what happened today.

It was a long day, but you were a happy girl while I worked at Kamie's, and even at Lori's. But then we went to Kristine's house because she (as well as Tracey and Amanda) have offered to watch you so I can get in some yoga now and then.

I tried to feed you, I really did, but you fell asleep. So I left to you enjoy the relaxing home of a good friend who loves you.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize how hungry you were going to be, and boy did you ever give poor Kristine a run for her money. Apparently you were screaming the entire time I was gone practically. Why? Because I didn't leave you any food! What was I thinking? I don't normally leave you places without me so I guess I just didn't realize.

I felt like such a bad friend AND a bad mom, but both of you seemed to forgive me...

I just can't believe how lucky we are Olive. We have these caring clients who don't mind when I have to haul you around with me to work, friends who will watch you so I can maintain a little sanity in my life, and grandma's o'plenty to hold you everywhere in between. Oh, and a daddy who plays with you every chance he gets, even when I tell him not to.

It's challenging at times, that's true. Things take me a lot longer, and the days fly by way too fast, we're a busy family... but at least I'm with you. And we're blessed with a good life. What did I do to deserve such blessings? It makes me worried it will come crashing down. But those are fears I always struggle with, and for once I'd like to just be at peace.

*Thank you to all my amazing friends who have so graciously offered to watch baby Olive while I go the gym. Thank you to the people I work with who hold Olive while she's fussy so I can keep plugging away at work. Thank you to our family members who let me come get away and do laundry and have food made for me. Thank you to my husband who works so hard and never complains. Thank you God.


  1. Every day is a learning experience! You're a good mommy no matter what!

  2. One thing that is certain with children is that "accidents will happen" - and once something like that happens, you will most likely not repeat it again. Children will forgive, friends will forgive, and parents forgive most of all.

    "Perfect Parenting" . . . These two words do not go together. It is impossible to be perfect at something that will challenge you at every turn. You just do the best you can do. By the time your child is 18, some of the challenges you've faced will have turned out brilliant and some may have failed, but you will know you always gave your best.

    I have told you before and I will tell you again, YOU are an amazing mother and Luke is an awesome dad. Olive is a very, very lucky little girl.

  3. AWWWW! I love you and you are amazing! At least you didn't lock her in a car :) I wish I could be there to watch her too and go on walks with you. I miss you so much and have been missing you a lot lately...Maybe you could set her up in front of skype and I can watch her ;) hehe