Monday, April 18, 2011


Dear Olive,

Lots of firsts this week. We took you in the pool for the first time on Friday. You loved it and it was sooo much fun. We took a video but I'm not going to post it because I'm hanging out all over the place in my tiny bikini that no longer fits me. If you want to watch it though, you can. You laughed and kicked and it was great.

We also took you to the mountains for the first time. You loved the pine tree fresh air, and we put you in the ergo the whole time we hiked around. You were so happy!

You also got your first cold this week too. I am pretty sure it started a week ago and gradually got worse. Tonight seems to be the peak of it, you are having a lot of trouble sleeping because you're coughing and have a stuffy nose :( It pretty much means no sleep for either of us. I wasn't quite sure you were sick at first because you didn't' have symptoms, you were just a bit more irritable than usual. But now I know for sure. Poor baby girl.

Hope you feel better soon...

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  1. What a week Olive had. So many fun things! And then so sad (it is hard to see/hear/know a baby is sick . . . especially that little cough. Hope she feels better really soon. Love my girls!!