Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beauty in Bonding

I think I fall more and more in love with my baby each day that passes. Being a mom gets a lot more rewarding as your baby starts to develop a personality, and best of all, lights up and smiles every time she sees you.

I have this problem where I am constantly trying to record Olive when she's doing something new or extra cute. Of course, it never works, it never happens. And tonight I realized that there's something special about that.

It's like all this time that she and I get to spend together is a secret just for us. It really hit me. Who cares if I can capture it for everyone else? It's so special that I'm the only one who gets to witness those private and amazing little breakthrough moments. It's an award.

This doesn't meant I wont still share her growth with my friends and family from afar, but I definitely won't be so quick to think I need to find my camera and snap a shot.

Everything's changing so fast, and I try to be in the moment every minute I can. It's so intense. I think about how I must be like every other mother thinking, "I have the CUTEST baby in the world!" She is so cute I just can't even stand it.

It's a scary kind of love.


  1. You're a good mama :) I'm glad to have caught some of those moments yesterday. Totally worth it, even with all the crying. Love you guys...xoxo

  2. haha oh man dani... when was so tired! when she FINALLY fell asleep it was like, BOOM.. she was out like a light... xo