Friday, February 25, 2011

Time Just Keeps on Tickin...

So my idea of blogging to remember things is more difficult to keep up on, as I'd have thought. But who am I kidding, I tell people that for a living (keeping up a blog is harder than you think).

Today Olive's 3 months old and I busted out the floor mat thing with the dangly stuff hanging. Happy graduation OG!

SHE LOVES IT!  She absolutely loves it.  It's so cute.  Yeah so she can just bat at it right now, but hey, she is a good batter!

It's funny how things that are new are SO exciting and then they just become the norm.  She laughed for the first time a couple weeks ago, like a real laugh. Ha ha's in a row, you know?  And I tried so hard to get her to do it again for a week, but nothing.  Then on Tuesday she laughed again.  Then today in the morning AND at night.  Pretty soon it will be so standard, but I try to get her to do it as if she will never laugh again!

I don't have too much to say right now, but I was laughing at myself tonight when I was so amazed by her giggles.

My nana was saying how people grow up and change and she misses the people they were. I might not be saying it as eloquently as she did, but I think about it all the time now.  I see little Olive looking around so cute and curious and I think to myself, "wow she will never be this little person again."

She will be cute and wonderful later too, but she just won't be that person anymore.  I'm not making much sense, but it makes me be so in the moment.  Having a baby has made me so much more aware of small moments in life and the understanding that this time is passing so quick and can never be recaptured.

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  1. Being OGPs Granmakins in a great thing . . . being an hour away from her is not so great, but I love every minute I spend with her and watching all those changes in her. I am very proud of you and the mommy you are: very patient, loving, kind, oh so sweet. You and Luke are both amazing and wonderful parents to little Olive and watching you two grow with her will also be a wonderful journey.