Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Innocence of Child

It's trippy sitting here watching my tiny baby girl sit so happily in her buzzy chair, looking around, tasting her hand, making little noises... just so content.   But behind her in the background there's a commercial of a woman who has no voice from smoking. She's bagging on the tobacco industry, and I wonder, "Will Olive ever try smoking? Will she be a smoker?" She doesn't even have any idea what a cigarette is yet.

Then comes the news of Egypt and I see all the horrible things happening around the world as she just sits here so innocently and unaware.  It makes me sad to think about the things she is going to go through in life and the things she might experience, the things we always see and think, "glad that was not me"...

I know she will laugh and have good times, but she's also going to cry and go through hard times. And it's a new feeling I don't like, to sit here and see her little innocent eyes look up at me. I think about how she just has no idea.

You just want to hold and protect them forever.

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  1. The feeling of wanting to protect your child never goes away. Welcome to Parenthood. You will do great . . . Olive is a lucky girl to have caring, loving parents who only want her to be happy, safe, and loved.