Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy Bodies

Dear Olive,

I realized that this is supposed to be a virtual baby book for you, about you, and just like a real baby book, I should write to you!

Today you came with me to work on our way to Gramakin's house. You just chilled in your moby wrap while I took photos and did some work.

Gramakin and I decided to have a bi-monthly cooking day where we make new recipes for the week and share it all, since cooking is so much easier in bigger amounts. But among all that commotion, there was an exciting moment tonight when I realized you had rolled over onto your side while you were playing on the mat!

Then you were on a roll (no pun intended) just rolling around and I realized I will need to keep an even closer eye on you.

We had another exciting moment when I wanted to see if you could hold your breath under water. I've been too scared to try it for reals, so tonight we took a shower and I blew in your face and put you under the streaming water, and wow, it really does work! We did it a few times and you looked so excited... I'm hoping you're a water lover like your mama.

<3 tee


  1. Granmakins loved having Olive & Tee over for cooking day. We made some yummy food and had fun watching you roll around on the mat our friends, The Rowlands, gave to us. You are so entertaining!

  2. My parents threw both my brother and I into the water when we were not even a month old. I remember watching my brother under water at three months, swimming/sinking (trying really hard not to sink) while my parents each stood maybe a few inches apart. It was pretty amazing and I couldn't believe that at just three months he had those instincts to try and stay afloat. He usually made it from my mother's arms to my dad's. btw...Love her leg warmers!!! Miss you girls xo