Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet Sleeper

Dear Olive,

I had not planned on writing tonight, but this is not a night I want to forget. It was the first time I saw you fall asleep peacefully on your own.

I know you've done it before, but I've never seen it. Well, not like this. I've seen you get close, make a few squawks, and then close your eyes. Otherwise it was always in the car, or after you were fussing, or if you were being rocked.

We had a long day and just got home from Gramakins around 9 at night. You seemed happy and awake so I decided we should take a bath.

The tub was filled with warm water and I put you on my lap as usual, but you seemed more relaxed, and so was I. It's just so nice and calm this late at night.

I got you in your pj's and gave you a little snack, swaddled you, and laid you on the bed. You looked so content so I just went about doing my own thing for a few minutes, and then decided it was time to turn out the light. I turned it off, and you just flickered your little eyelids a few times and finally let them close. No soothie, no fuss, no big deal.

It was so sweet and I wanted to remember it <3

The funny thing was, we were just talking about how we couldn't wait for the day when we could just lay our babies down while they were awake and just leave them there to fall asleep, happily on their own. I recall saying, "Oh that will happen SOME day far away." But you surprised me tonight :)

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  1. There is something special about our own surroundings and babies have strong senses. Olive must have been so relaxed and happy to be home and maybe she knew her mommy was tired too, so she made it easy for both of you!

    We all had a busy few days and this was a lovely way for it to end.