Monday, March 7, 2011

Out n About

Dear Olive,

We went to the beach on Saturday, it was such beautiful weather and I thought I might surf. It was fun to get your feet in the sand and see what you thought. You didn't seem to care either way however.

But we made you a little seat out of the sand and eventually got you to take a nap. Elizabeth and I decided we were too cozy in the warm sun to surf, so we all just laid around.

Last night we went to an open mic at a cafe. We wanted to get out of the house and enjoy some entertainment. When we walked in to the back and sat down, the people running the open mic gave us quite a dirty look. They were probably thinking, "What are they doing bringing a baby to a small live music venue?"

The guy finally said, "I hope the music doesn't scare the baby, it's going to get loud in here." I think it was his way of saying, "I hope the baby doesn't become intrusive and cry during our performances."

I told him you would be fine and added that you were a pretty good baby, so if you cried we'd leave.

You just sat there the whole night watching, and at one point you fell asleep. It wasn't that loud, and you never fussed. The guy finally came over and said, yeah your baby is pretty good... I was like, uhhh YAH duh that's what I said. No need to get all uptight. (I mean, that's what I was thinking)

Ps this guy and this whole open mic WAS HILARIOUS. Quite a joke. But that is for a different blog. Pps, we all wore stripes on accident, all three of us.


  1. Fun times for Olive. She may not realize what fun parents she has, but one day she will know that you three will not be sitting around much.

  2. What a lovely baby's day out..I hope the waters are warmer now than when I was there. :)