Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear Olive,

You're sleeping right now, totally unswaddled! You fell asleep that way tonight so I just left you. I was curious to see if you would wake up or not, but so far so good.  Although I am sort of afraid it will get too cold tonight to not swaddle you.

I have a lot to say, but I'm just too tired to say it. I've been working around the clock and you've been right there with me! We are always going going going, this whole family actually.

We took you to Vegas last week. Yup, LAS VEGAS baby! I played black jack and roulette for the first time in my life, and overall we came out 5 bucks ahead. But listen up girly, I don't really condone gambling. We had 20 dollars to try it out, and once it was gone, it was gone. Don't go sneaking off to any casinos or anything!

We also went to Red Rock Canyon, it's pretty...

Your dad's not home from work yet, and I'm so tired I am going to go to bed. You're laying in there and I want to let you sleep there with me and cuddle... but I know neither you nor I will sleep as good if I don't put you in your crib. 

Goodnight sweet babe.


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  2. I am glad that we took the little side trip to Redrock. Olive will have some pretty pics from her first out-of-state trip.