Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting Stuck

Dear Olive,

Yesterday morning I awoke to your small whimpers, a little earlier than you normally wake up. I found you sitting up in the corner of your crib, just looking so sad and totally stuck. Congratulations! You can now sit up on your own!!!

But today already it's caused quite a problem. I tried putting you down for a nap, and for some reason, alone in your crib is where you do your best work. I mean, you won't sit up in front of ME, but you'll do it every time I leave the room.

Unfortunately you fell backwards (as I was sitting in the other room thinking you were peacefully sleeping) and hit your little baby olive head on the crib :(  You were kind of stuck in this crunched up position. I was so sad.

We tried putting you down for a nap and every single time, you'd get up into a sitting position and then just sit there, rubbing your eyes and holding your little blanket so tired. We kept going in and laying you back down, and finally you stayed there.

Poor little girl, I'm not sure how long it will take you to learn to lay back down! In other news, we are proud you are doing so well and sitting up by yourself. You're also saying words like buh buh and muh and even duh duh.

You don't know you are saying them though, so I don't think they can count as your first words yet. But boy o boy are you close, it's kind of scary!

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