Saturday, July 30, 2011

Road Trippin

Dear Olive,

We're about to set off on a road trip today and I have no idea what to expect! We'll have your little cousin Luthien in tow as well. We were supposed to rent a mini van but the place called last minute and said they were all out, and they are sticking us with a HUGE suv called a Tahoe. Not so great on the gas mileage but I told Granmakin we will just go slow and not punch the gas.
I'm sure we'll be stopping plenty so you can get out and stretch your legs, you are a crawling machine now. You're getting so dirty all the time, plus you're eating a lot more now too. Yesterday we put some cheese on your toast and today we tried jam. . . next up is sushi!  Just kidding. But hopefully soon because that's my favorite.

Well, you're napping so I better use this time efficiently and get ready to go. Updates on the trip soon!

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