Friday, July 1, 2011

The WiLd Safari Park

Dear Olive,

We took you to the Wild Animal Park (now called The Safari Park) for your first time. Holy Hey! It was horrible. First of all, the ratio of animals to concession stands is way off. We had to do quite a bit of walking before we found any live animals. It was more like stores and restaurants... parrot. Stores and restaurants... duck. Ooooh a Gorilla! That was cool.

It was blazing hot and everyone was sweating and dehydrated. It seemed like every fun thing we came to was a money trap. To take a tram around to see the animals cost money, to park cost money, to go up in the balloon cost money, even to use the bathroom cost money! Just kidding.

It was great spending time with Heidi and Thomas from Norway, but you were NOT happy. We tried to feed you water and keep you cool. It was pretty stressful and we just got out of there pretty quick. Safari Park, not my favorite! Zoo, awesome.

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